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The youngest generation has a personal relationship with Hans van Werven, the man who has been managing the famous cigar house since 1982. The slightly older customers of Van Werven Cigars, established in Apeldoorn from 1919, know in particular the predecessor, father Cor.

Hans has enthusiastically expanded the business into an El Dorado for every lover of one of the pleasures of life. Not only a concept in Apeldoorn, but over the years Mr. van Werven has gladly expanded it into one of the concepts in the Netherlands.

Through the extensive assortment of cigars and one of the most extensive assortment of accessories which consists of humidors, lighters, cigar cutters and tobacco pipes, a true treat for the connoisseur. Our range of pipes now consists of around 5000 pieces from all renowned brands. This also includes exclusive models from the best brands. Over the years, the range has expanded to such an extent that the true collector of unique lighters, ashtrays and, of course, cigars can also come to Van Werven.

We cordially invite you to our department store and would like to introduce you to our range. If you are unable to visit our store, take a look at our webshop where you can find and order beautiful and unique products.

A small salute to three generations of major cigar experts: Jaap, Cor and Hans van Werven.

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